We don't just buy media, we strategize and curate media plans to reach your target demographic for the best value. Driven by big data, we measure the most cost effective impressions that will drive conversions. 


  • Strategize programmatic and direct digital media buys on demand side platforms, Google, mobile applications, and social media.

  • Analyze campaign performance based on click through rate, bounce rate, keyword search terms and conversions.

  • Optimize landing page to improve campaigns throughout the entire lifecycle.



  • Strategize the schedule of commercials to optimize impressions.

  • Curate networks and programs to reach the target demographic.

  • Develop frequency, reach, and target rating points (TRP) requirements.



  • Strategize opportunities for on-air talent live-read ads and promotions.

  • Curate local, regional and national stations to reach the target demographic.

  • Develop target rating point (TRP) ranges for different types of spots.



  • Strategize timing of ad placement to effectively promote brand or event.

  • Curate local and regional publications to effectively reach target demographic.

  • Understand impression value based on distribution coverage of print publications.

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